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State Trooper "Jailbreak at Tonopah"

Released in the United States Nov. 28, 1956
Season 1 Episode 4 - Made for TV

30 minutes - B & W

Rod Cameron stars as Officer Rod Blake in this western themed crime drama set in Tonopah, Nevada. Based on true cases from the files of the Nevada State Police. This episode A wife and a friend engineer a jailbreak for a man in jail on concealed weapon charges so he dig up the loot from an earlier robbery. Rod Blake and the sheriff of Tonopah, Nevada attempt to apprehend the three crooks and recover the money.

Some of the Cast

Rod Cameron
as Lt. Rod Blake

Jack Kelly
as Johnny Bledsoe

K.T. Stevens
as Ann Bledsoe

Alexander Campbell
Sheriff Bill Logan

The film was directed by Richard Irving
Written by Lawrence Kimble
Production Company was the Revue Productions
Filming locations: Tonopah, Nevada