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A Line In The Sand

Released August 15, 2009

115 Minutes - Movie

Stranded between the harsh Iraq desert and fifty miles from the closest U.S. camp, two ambush-surviving U.S. soldiers from different schools of thought for why they are fighting must rely on each other to fight the changing conditions, fight the insurgent push, and eventually fight themselves to get back alive.
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Some of the Cast

Gary Weeks
as LCpl. David Miller

Rob Botts
as Cpl. Ray Kapler

Paul J. Alessi
as Sgt. Chris Johnson

Annie Barsky
as Eva Cooper

The film was directed by Rob Botts
Written by Rob Botts and Chris Montgomery-Bender
Production Company Prodigy Pictures
Filming locations: Dumont Dunes, San Bernardino County, CA -Hollywood, CA - Los Angeles, CA, - Rhyolite, NV - and Tonopah, NV