Subject: The Jack Soules memorial Golf Tournament, about 1986. Held at the Cal-Vada country Club Golf Course, Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada. Left to right are Tim Hafen; Warren Church, former president of Preferred Equities; Dottie Soules, widow of Jack Soules; and Fifth Judicial District Judge William P. Becko.

Subject: governor Paul Laxalt of Nevada, in his office, sometime between 1967 and 1969. Left to right, Tim Hafen, Brian Hafen, Governor Laxalt, and Gary Hafen.

Subject: School class, Pahrump, Nevada, about 1970. Sandy hafen is pictured holding a birthday cake, Connie Anderson is third from the left, Joley Pallan, fourth from left, Mark Salter is pictured in back with glasses. Maureen Anderson, Butch Neff, and Theresa Mankins are also pictured.

Subject: Left to right, Tim Hafen, Janie Hafen, Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt, and Greg Hafen, late 1960's.

Subject: Hafen Ranch, Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, about 1967. Left to right, Jackie Hafen, daughters Vickie Hafen, Sandy Hafen, and Paula Hafen.

Subject: Tim Hafen, Mesquite, Nevada, 1947.

Subject: Aerial view of the Pahrump Trading Post, about 1947.

Subject: Interior of the Nevada Cotton Gin, probably late 1970's. the cotton gin closed permanently in 1983.

Subject: Tim Hafen at Well No. 5 on his ranch in 1964. Pictured with Hafen are Lisa Hafen and Miguel Avena. The water was artesian and flowed at between 800 and 900 gallons per minute.

Subject: Nevada Farm Bureau staff inspect cotton fields belonging to Tim Hafen, Pahrump, Nevada, about 1976.

Subject: The Peppermint Palace, Pahrump, Nevada, now (1988) known as the Saddle West. Early 1970's.

Subject: View of cottonseed bins at the Nevada Cotton Gin, Pahrump, Nevada, probably 1970s. cottonseed was conveyed in the round pipe and stored in the bin, then fed by gravity into trucks.

Subject: Horses and a cow in a pasture on Tim Hafen's property, Pahrump, Nevada, ca. 1970. Sawday.

Subject: Cotton fields belonging to Tim hafen, Pahrump, Nevada, 1970s. Mr. Charleston is in the background.

Subject: Cotton fields belonging to Tim Hafen, Pahrump, Nevada probably early October 1970s. Looking east in the direction of Las Vegas.

Subject: An International cotton picker, Pahrump, Nevada, 1970s.

Subject: Exterior, Nevada Ginning Company, Pahrump, Nevada, 1960s or 1970s.

Subject: Max and Estelle Hafen about 1935 with sons Tim Hafen (standing) and Gary Hafen.

Subject: Sandy Hafen's birthday party and some of her friends, including Winky Neff, Theresa Mankins, mark Slater, Maureen Anderson, Connie Anderson, Butch Neff, and Jolie Pallan. Approximately 1970. (Picture taken at the same time as Photo No. 3 in this set.)

Subject: A function held by Calcot Ltd., a Pahrump marketing association, approximately 1962. Left to right, George Slater, manager of Pahrump's cotton gin, Walt Williams, Perry Bowman, a Calcot official (name not known), and Tim Hafen.

Subject: Tim Hafen with Wayne Kirch, who was active in Nevada Fish and Game affairs and was Nevada Fish and Game Commissioner for many years. The apples were grown on the Hafen Ranch, probably early 1980s.

Subject: North end of the Hafen Ranch, Pahrump, Nevada, and a display of some old farm machinery, including a manure spreader and a concrete mixer. The mixer, a Rex model, was built in 1903. It was powered by a LeRoy engine with a water cooler around a cylinder, ca. 1980.

Subject: View of the Pahrump Trading Post, Pahrump, Nevada, approximately 1947. The building was constructed of railroad ties, as were a number of buildings in the valley from that era.

Subject: Home of Tim Hafen, approximately 1964.

Subject: The Hidden Hills Ranch, Pahrump Valley, Nevada, about 1947.
Subject: Pahrump Valley rancher Tim Hafen receives the Outstanding Young Farmer award, presented by the Junior Chamber of Commerce for Southern Nevada at the El Rancho Hotel, march 11, 1959. Nevada Governor Charles Russell is on the left. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, presented the award. Nevada U.S. Senator Molly Malone stands in the background with Brendon Kettleman, owner of the El Rancho.

Subject: Aerial view of the Pahrump Trading Post, probably taken at the same time as Photo No. 7 in this series, about 1947.

Subject: Building on Ray Van Horn's place on the Dollar Ranch, now (1988) known as Country Place II, at the north end of Pahrump Valley, Nye County, Nevada. About 1947.

Subject: Aerial view of an unidentified ranch, perhaps the Pahrump Ranch. Date unknown.

Subject: The Cotton Pickin' Saloon near Highway 372, Pahrump, Nevada, approximately 1970.

Subject: Lois Kellogg at an unknown location with a Russian wolfhound dog, a breed which she later raised at her Fish Lake Valley, Nevada, ranch. Photo was taken approximately 1915, and was obtained from the Getty Museum.

Subject: Lois Kellogg at an unidentified location, ca. 1930. This photo was originally obtained from the Getty Museum.

Subject: Lois Kellogg at an unidentified location, ca. 1930. This appears to have been taken at the same time as the photo in Hafen-35. This photo was originally obtained from the Getty Museum.