Subject: Stanley Ford and his new six-cylinder Chevrolet truck, about 1931. Ford was in the trucking business in the Los Angeles Area.

Subject: Cowboys branding a calf on the Manse Ranch, probably in the 1940s.

Subject: Looking west from the Raycraft Ranch, Pahrump Valley, Nye county, Nevada, around 1940. Cedar posts, on the left, were cut in the Spring Mountain Range. Pictured is a four-wheel trailer constructed by Stanley Ford.
Subject: House on the Raycraft Ranch, 1945, looking west. the house was built by Jim Raycraft from lumber obtained at the Johnnie Townsite and hauled down to Pahrump in wagons. The car is a 1931 Graham, used by Stanley Ford to haul mail to Pahrump from the Johnnie Siding on the Tonopah Highway; the truck is a 1931 Chevrolet. It is said that during the summer the house was mostly hidden by the large willow trees.

Subject: Look closely toward the middle of the photograph, about an inch above the mountain range, and you'll see an atomic mushroom cloud from a test at the Nevada Test Site. Photo was taken from the front yard of Harry Ford's home in Pahrump Valley, Nevada, looking north, a little east of Mount Sterling in 1952 or 1953.

Subject: Eighteen year old Harry "Button" Ford and his 1946 Ford convertible, parked in front of his home in Pahrump Valley, Nevada, during the summer of 1955.

Subject: The first Pahrump Harvest Festival, held September 5, 1964. Looking northeast toward Mount Sterling.

Subject: The first Pahrump Harvest Festival, September 5, 1964. The celebration was held approximately where the arena exists in 1988, near the Community Building.

Subject: A John Deere tractor purchased by Stanley Ford for use in Pahrump Valley, Nevada. The tractor was purchased shortly after World War II, after Ford stopped using horses. Ford did not purchase the tractor new; at one time it had been used as a power plant for a sawmill.

Subject: Head frame of the Johnnie Mine, Johnnie, Nevada, about 1987.
Subject: Remains of the home of Jack Longstreet, long-time Nye County resident and renowned desert frontiersman. The home was located in Ash Meadows, Nye County, Nevada, near a large spring now known as Longstreet's Spring. Longstreet occupied the site in the 1890's. This photo was taken in July 1983; in august 1984, floods destroyed the remains of the home.

Subject: Another view of the home of Jack Longstreet, at Longstreet Spring, Ash Meadows, Nevada, July 1983. The home was destroyed by a flood the following year.
Subject: Students at the Pahrump School, Rose School District, Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, 1945. Back row, left to right, Johnnie Franks, Glenn Brooks, Helen Ford (Ward), Frederick "Fraddy" Sharp, Angelina Sharp. Front row, left to right, teacher Norma Schneider, Harry S. Ford, Mary Sue Sawday, Carol Jean Wilson, Darlene Cayton, Alberta Sharp, Catherine Ann "Timynia" Sawday.

Subject: Automobile used as a school bus in Pahrump, Nevada, 1945, and students.

Subject: Grader removing snow from Pahrump Valley, Nevada, roads, ca. 1960.

Subject: Well-drilling rig owned and operated by Stanley Ford. During the 1940's and 1950's Ford drilled many of the wells in the Pahrump Valley, Nevada.

Subject: The Pahrump School, operated by the Rose School District, Main Street, Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, 1948.

Subject: Stanley Ford operating the controls of his well-drilling equipment in the Pahrump Valley.

Subject: Cabin once occupied by Jack Longstreet in Ash Meadows, Nye County, Nevada. Photograph was taken in July 1983; the historic landmark was destroyed by a flood in August 1984.

Subject: The Johnnie Mine, Nye County, Nevada, 1983.

Subject: Hattie Todd Ford, Pahrump, Nevada, 1946. She was related through her father to Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.

Subject: Stanley Ford, Pahrump, Nevada, 1946.