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Ride Him Cowboy

Released in the United States August 27, 1932

55 minutes

John Drury agrees to look for the outlaw known as the Hawk and Henry Simms volunteers to help him. But Simms is the Hawk and he leaves Drury on the desert to die. Simms then kills a man and plants John's harmonica at the scene. With the help of his horse Duke, John returns only to find that he is accused of murder and about to face the hanging Judge.
Description from IMDB

Some of the Cast

John Wayne
as John Drury

Ruth Hall
as Ruth Gaunt

Henry B. Walthall
as John Gaunt

Otis Harlan
Judge Jones

The film was directed by Fred Allen
Written by Kenneth Perkins
Production Company: Warner Bros.
Filming locations: Rhyolite, Nevada