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Famous Gold Rush

Released in the United States 1931

10 minutes - B&W - Newsreel

Graphic heavy, please wait to load

Gayne Whitman presents a 10 minute newsreel of the most popular ghost towns in Nevada in 1931. Some of the first voice over technology was used in this film taking you back in time when documentaries were movie house intermissions between the main features. Interesting look at Nevada through the eyes of days gone by. Movie Newsreels was very common in the popular movie houses. One of the things I find interesting is the presence of possibly another bottle house. The home pictured after the lady selling bottles shows rock and plaster with bottles (that have been plastered over) in the gables. We do know that there were at least three bottle houses in Rhyolite, now possibly four.

Screen shots from the Newsreel

The film was narrated by Gayne Whitman
Production Company Thunderbird Films Lancaster Series
Filming locations: Aurora, NV - Rhyolite, NV - Virginia City, NV